Peer Recovery Coaching Academy Course

Recovery Coaching Academy

Become a Certified Peer Recovery Coach (PRC)

We are continuing our Sustainability Project which aims to get those in recovery training to start a career, transportation to get here and back and housing scholarships to give them a home while/after they receive training.

Our CCAR certified peer recovery coaching course is taught by Brenda Maks, a CCAR Certified Peer Recovery Coach Instructor.

Register below to save a seat at our upcoming PRC Academy course (Certified Peer Recovery Coach, Ethics Class).

UPDATE: New classes in October! We just announced our new dates for our Certified Peer Recovery Coaching course: 10/7 - 10/8 & 10/11 - 10/12 We are able to offer this class for only $50 after being approved for a grant in Michigan to provide more classes to train PRCs. (Compared to the same courses that would regularly cost you over $400) This covers all course materials and training. Registion is Closed, there is still time to register for the ethics course though.

Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches

Our class for Peer Recovery Coaches is always followed with our "Ethical Considerations for Peer Recovery Coaches" class for only $50. This class provides 16 CEUs/Contact Hours toward becoming a Certified Peer Recovery Coach. See below for more details

UPDATE: We just announced our new dates for the ethics course: 10/25 & 10/26. Register now below.

Peer Recovery Coaching Academy Course

Course Dates & Times

Certified Peer Recovery Coach:


8:30AM - 5PM on the following Dates

  • Thursday 10/7
  • Friday 10/8
  • Monday 10/11
  • Tuesday 10/12

Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches:

8:30AM - 5PM on the following Dates

  • Monday 10/25
  • Tuesday 10/26

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$50 Certified Peer Recovery Coach (Closed) $50 Ethical Considerations for PRC $100 Both PRC Courses

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