Recovery Resource Center Address

27700 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, MI 48066

Between 11 and 12 mile, next to Randazzo's on the northbound side of Gratiot

Resources Available at our Center

We always have at least one Recovery Care Technician(RCT) at the Center during business hours. If you are in recovery and need any type of assistance they are here to help. If you are struggling with addiction the Resource Center is the perfect place to start your recovery journey. A RCT can help lay the groundwork for your recovery by answering questions and setting up goals to start living a better life. They can also help with the resources that we have at the Center.

Meeting Room at the Recovery Resource Center
Weekly Meetings & Events

We provide an array of weekly meetings every day as well as events

View Events & Meetings
Food Pantry and Assistance
Food Pantry & Assistance

Click button below to apply for food assistance

Apply for Food Assistance
Clothing Boutique Front Door
Clothing Boutique & Assistance

We have a clothing boutique that also helps people in need

Apply for Clothing Assistance
Nu-Way Staffing Program Office
Job Assistance & Staffing Program

We partner with companies to get you a job quickly. We have positions available for immediate employment, click the button below to apply and learn more about our program.

Staffing & Job Assistance
Recovery Housing in Macomb County
Recovery Housing

Live Rite Properties has 9 houses in Macomb County

Housing Scholarships
Our Recovery Houses
Peer Recovery Coaching for Substance Abuse
Peer Recovery Coaching

Available at the Center, over the phone or on Zoom

Request Virtual Meeting
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Resale Thrift shop and boutique
Live Rite Resale Shop

Gently used items & clothing. Everything is $1!

View Items
Resource library for recovery
Resource Library

Computers to access internet & apply for resources, recovery books, printers, faxing, literature

View our Library
Free gym for the recovery community

Gym is available to the public for free during the day

Tour our Gym
Free Recovery Yoga
Yoga Room

We have Yoga twice a week at the Resource Center and the room open during the day.

View Yoga Meetings
Art Recovery for Addiction Treatment
Art Recovery

We hold an Art Recovery class in our Art Room once a week as well as a furniture restoration class. The Art Room is also available during the day if you need to release.

View Art Room Classes & Meetings
Music Release for sober living
Media Room

In the basement, we have our Media Room. We hold our Music Didactic class here once a week as well as special events. The Media Room is open during the day if you need it

Request Media Room

Also Available at our Center

Mike Mooney Gambling Counselor
Choices Counseling

Mike Mooney, certified gambling counselor, is located on the first floor of the building. He also runs the Wednesday night group therapy

Social Clinical Worker Shannon Brockert
Imagine Counseling

Imagine Counseling, located on the second floor, is ran by Clinical/Social worker Shannon Brockert.

Financial Well being Classes
Financial Wellbeing

Learn about establishing and repairing credit, home ownership and personal financial management at one of our free finance 101 events

Finance 101 Events
Family Recovery Coaching Events
Family Recovery Coaching

We provide a Family Recovery Coaching events with certified instructors

Family Coaching Info
Legal Assistance Events
Legal Assistance

Family Law, Criminal Law, License Restoration, and Expungements

Legal Assistance Info
Community Service
Community Service

We accept volunteers

Volunteer Form

Tour Our Recovery Resource Center

Floor plan of our Recovery Resource Center
Recovery and job staffing office

Entrance & Lobby

During business hours you should enter the building through our main entrance (Meeting attendees should still go to the back red doors). You will be greeted by our receptionist that will be able to help you with anything you need or direct you to where you need to go. You might need to sign in so we can keep statistics on what resources people are using the most.

In our foyer you will also find our meetings calendars, literature, flyers for upcoming events and more. Stop by today!

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Resource Center Front Entrance

Our Front Entrance to the building. Flyers, Calendar, Brochures and more available to look at

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Reception Office

Here you will be greeted by one of our receptionist to help you out with whatever you need.

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Main Lobby

Our main lobby and stairs up to the offices upstairs

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Lobby Right

The right of the lobby is our Live Rite Properties and IT Offices

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Lobby Left

To the left of our lobby is our Recovery Care Technicians Office, Nu-way Staffing Office and Conference Room

Recovery and job staffing office

Recovery Care Technicians & Nu-way staffing Office

This is the office where our Recovery Care Technicians (RCTs) spend most of their time. If you need help with anything, this is most likely where you'll be directed too. The RCTs can help you take advantage of our many resources.

This office is also used for our Nu-way Staffing Program. Here we will be able to help you with things like getting your resume together, get help finding a job or get placed in a position with one of our partners.

Request Job Assistance Appt.
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Recovery Care Technicians Office

The RCTs will meet with you in this office to help provide you with anything you may need

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Nu-Way Staffing Office

Here is where you'll meet with staff from our Nu-way staffing company to help you with job assistance

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The office entrances

Clothing Boutique and Resale Shop Donations

Clothing Boutique and Resale Shop

On the side of our building we have our Clothing Boutique and Resale Shop. You can park on the side of the Resource Center and the entrance for the Boutique is right there. Everything at our Boutique and resale shop is only a $2 donation! We also offer clothing vouchers for those in need.

We have everything from formal clothing that you can wear to an interview, to hundreds of DVDs. Stop in or click the link below to see some of the items we have in stock

View Items
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Boutique Entrance

The RCTs will meet with you in this office to help provide you with anything you may need

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Nu-Way Staffing Office

Here is where you'll meet with staff from our Nu-way staffing company to help you with job assistance

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Main Meeting Room

Main Meeting Room

This is where we hold the majority of our meetings. We have lots of tables with plenty of seating. This room includes a large TV that can be set up to show slideslows and movies. We also offer complimentary coffee and refreshments at our meetings, found at the back of the room.

We are practicing social distancing at our meetings. Each table is spread far from eachother with only a few chairs at each table (Everythings at least 6 feet apart). For meetings that have a large attendance, we open up our other rooms for more space and seating.

Art Recovery and Furniture restoration

Art & Furniture Restoration Room

This room, right off our main meeting room, is where we offer our Art Recovery class. Our Furniture Restoration Class that is also taught in this room, will resume in a few weeks.

Peer Recovery coaching location

Peer Recovery Coaching Room & Lounge

Our Peer Recovery Coaching room is used for meetings with Peer Recovery Coaches. We provide a relaxing and safe environment for those who need to meet to discuss their recovery.

Yoga and Dharma Recovery Room

Yoga Room

Our Yoga room is located right off our main meeting room. This room has padding flooring that is perfect for our weekly yoga meetings, Recovery Dharma and meditation.

Resource Library Computers

Resource Library

Our Resource Library is a place where you can get on the internet and print anything you need. You may also check out any of our books we have here. For more information click the link below

View our Library
Free Gym for Recovery Community


Our Gym is open during business hours and before meetings for those in the recovery community. We have plenty of weight machines and treadmills. Click the link below to check out our gym.

View our Gym

Meeting Entrance Doors

Meeting Entrance Red Doors

For most of our meetings you will want to park and enter in the back of the building. There we always be a member of the staff outside or in our checkin area to help direct you to where you want to go. Just walk through these red doors, go through the hallway and our check in area is right there.