Residential Recovery Resource Center

We just obtained the property to be converted into our Residential Recovery Resource Center on March 3, 2019. We've been planning to open this center for years and the dream finally became a reality thanks to all the generous donors.

Our Residential Recovery Resource Center (RRRC)

Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp is excited to present the Residential Recovery Resource Center. The Residential Recovery Resource Center is located at 27700 Gratiot Ave, Roseville MI 48066. We have recently obtained the RRRC, and currently have staff working on site.

What happens at the RRRC and what is it useful for?

The following programming will be available at the Residential Recovery Resource Center:

  • Yoga
  • Spiritual Recovery
  • DBT-Informed Treatment
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Music Didactic
  • Group Therapy
  • 12-Step Study
  • Open Talks
  • Art Recovery

The following resources will be available at the RRRC:

  • Peer Recovery Coach Services
  • Family Recovery Coaching
  • Legal Assistance (Family Law, Criminal Law, License Restoration, and Expungements)
  • Community Service
  • Food Pantry
  • Clothing Boutique
  • Nu-way Staffing Program

In addition to programming and resources, the RRRC will also provide recovery housing. Call our office for more information (586) 217-5899. Also, we are leasing office space! Call if you are interested. The RRRC is open and accessible to the community.

Plans and Future of the RRRC

We are looking forward to adding more programming and resources in the upcoming months. Call our office at (586) 217-5899 to request specific programming and resources that you would like to see. Also, we are leasing office space! Call if you are interested.