Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp is a start-up non-profit. We subsidize the recovering addict's housing, education, therapy, and after care for becoming a productive drug and alcohol free member of society. Saving another addicts life is our mission and goal.

What We Do

We provide resources for long term recovery

Our mission is to reduce the stigma and provide resources, education, and funding to the person and their families seeking recovery from active addiction. Saving one more life, so that they may easily transition from the life of active addiction onto a lifestyle free from drugs, alcohol, and destructive behavior. Building a foundation to become a productive citizen in society.

History & Future

Watch video to discover more of what we do including our history and what we see for our future

This is a brief history on Live Rite Corp and our continuous efforts to expand and try new things in the Recovery Community! As some of us know, recovery may sometimes not be easy, but Live Rite Corp is trying to open a building big enough to have everything the person in early recovery will need!

Board of Directors

Brenda Maks

President/ Founder

Brenda Maks, ABA, BBA, Licensed Realtor, Paralegal, Peer Recovery Coach, and Entrepreneur : is a person in long term recovery; for over twenty years

Since 1998, Brenda has been mentoring women in recovery. She has volunteered as an Activities Committee Chair; raising funds and organizing recovery related events, and continues to volunteer with the female inmates at the Macomb County Jail and the food bank with Forgotten Harvest.
In 2012, Before founding Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp in 2015, Brenda established Live Rite Recovery Homes, for men and women in recovery, in Macomb County. Since then, her business has grown along with her outreach into the community of people seeking recovery and education. Her program includes community service, peer recovery coaching, music didactic, group therapy, yoga instruction, 12-step study, employment opportunities, goal setting and after care for the recovering addict/alcoholic.  

Dianne Desano Dunn


Dianne Desano Dunn is a lifelong Macomb County resident. She served on the board of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for 15 years. She has served as the treasurer as well as the secretary.

Dianne has also worked as a victim advocate for many years. Diane is committed to helping addicts in recovery.

Dianne is a mother of three and grandmother of five.


Drake Oxie

Drake Oxie has spent the majority of his life volunteering his service to the recovery community and organizing fundraising events for the addict/ alcoholic in recovery. Drake's personal interest in helping the addict/alcoholic find a new way of life has become a life-long ambition. Drake is currently studying at CMU for a degree in business.

Matt Desano

Matt Desano, local business owner, master certified auto technician, graduate from GBMS: is a person in long term recovery; for over eleven years. Matt dedicates much of his time giving back to the recovering addict/alcoholic and mentoring men in recovery. Matt serves the greater community as well through his volunteer work with Forgotten Harvest.

Emily Whale

Emily graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration from Central Michigan University. She serves as the Director of Probation for a local district court and has experience as a regular and drug court probation officer. In addition to her normal duties, she runs a volunteer/intern probation officer program and is in the planning phases of establishing an adult mental health treatment court for which she was able to secure grant funding. Emily is dedicated to helping those struggle and have struggled with addiction and volunteers as an Angel with the Hope Not Handcuffs program. Emily works hard to maintain effective working relationships with multiple treatment centers and resource agencies in the area. She continues to attend regular trainings to further her education and keep up on the latest in the world of substance abuse and recovery.