Providing essential resources for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction

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Open Monday - Friday from 9AM - 3PM and Sunday 12-4PM at our Recovery Resource Center (entrance and parking is on the left side of building). Come shop our gently used clothing here at the Resource Center! Every item is only a $1 donation.

How We Can Help

Our goal is to help recovering addicts become productive members of society by giving them the tools to stay clean, live sober, and develop a strong foundation in recovery. Our Mission is to reduce the stigma and provide resources, education, and funding to the person and their families seeking recovery from active drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Who We Are

Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp is a non-profit organization with a personal interest in helping the person in early recovery, build a foundation for a better way of life. Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp offers people an opportunity to live in a home environment with others that understand the challenges each person will face in the recovery process. This business has been built on love and our passion is helping all people who are struggling with addiction.

What We Are Doing

We provide funding for housing, life skills, education, employment, therapy, peer recovery coaching, and aftercare to people in recovery and their families. We help those seeking recovery to build a permanent foundation and adapt a healthy, drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

Our Vision and Philosophy

We know the long journey never really ends. Our growing community of recovery aims to help each member to rebuild relationships, to find support and to repair the ties to the communities that we each must find a place in for the rest of our lives..

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Recent and Upcoming Events


Legal Assistance

Thu, Jan 9th at 6 - 9 PM

Live Rite Recovery Resource Center, 27700 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, MI

This is a free event open to the Recovery Community! Attorneys will be present to answer questions regarding criminal law, family law, license restoration and expungements.

Legal Advisers: Richard Goodman Esq, Richard Wesley Goodman Esq, Saleema Goodman Esq, Jackson Goodman Esq and Roy Gruenburg P.C.


Finance 101

Wed, Dec 4th at 7- 8:30 PM

Live Rite Recovery Resource Center, 27700 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, MI

Focused on personal financial management. Learn how to establish and repair credit, home ownership, and more. Presented by Mark F. Smith, VP of Residential Lending at Main Street Bank. Free event open to the public!


Narcan Training

Tue, Nov 26th at 6:30 - 8 PM

Live Rite Recovery Resource Center, 27700 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, MI

Free training - Open to the public! Presented by NOPE (Narcan Overdose Prevention Education).

-Be able to recognize, respond and rescue someone having an opioid overdose
-Receive a FREE NARCAN KIT and training on how to use it. Narcan is a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses
-Gain support for the community and friends and family facing these issues at home or in their personal lives